Dear Students:
Time has really flown and, yes, it’s summertime and we are all on holiday. Summer is the time to relax. But you don’t want your English to disappear. What can you do to keep up with your English? Here are some relaxing ways to study English in the summer:
-  Watching TV or films is a great way to learn English. Keep the subtitles on and watch all the episodes of your favourite show.
Remember it is very important to read during summer. Go to the bookshop and choose a really easy English book. I’ve posted a list of different texts for you to read. They are in ESO 3 page. I hope you like them! You also have a link to the PAU exams file in BACHILLERATO 2  page.  
Listen to music in English. You can find the lyrics of your favourite songs in the Internet.
Remember that in this blog there are a lot of worksheets you can download, print and work withMost of them have the answer key included.
I remind you that in this site you have got a page called Useful Links where you can find a great collection of resources that will help you improve your English.
I wish you a wonderful summer time!
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